Saturday, 16 November 2013

Speaking Exams....Poor Mohammed

I love Mohammed. He's a 17 year old that some how managed to pass his level exam and join my group. He is as thin as a pencil and looks like he could do with a chip butty.

He came to me before the speaking exam and asked me to help him. I told him I would do my best!

On the day of the exam Mohammed bounds into the room and sits in front of me. The conversation went as follows

Teacher: Hello
Mohammed: Hello teacher.
T: What's your name?
M: silence
T: Mohammed, What's your name?
M: More silence.
T: Where do you live?
M: Silence
T: Mohammed you need to help me out here.
M: Finish time teacher.

and up Mohammed gets and walks out.
A little while later as I am heading back to my office Mohammed runs up to me and asks me how he did.