Thursday, 2 January 2014

So Grown Up!

My little boy will be 18 in a few days time.

It has not been an easy ride with Ascander- He was diagnosed with ADHD and Epilepsy from a very young age. He has managed to entertain us with his antics, often ending up with a trip to A&E.

I shall try and recap his life in one blog, I'm sure tonight when I'm sleeping I will remember more. Ascander has always been active, he could run before he could crawl, he certainly kept us busy.  Here are some of his finest moments.                                                                                                                               Ascander managed to escape from our old flat once and made his way up to the roof, he took with him a box of Always with wings sanitary towels. He threw them one by one from the roof down to the car park below our flat. The first thing I knew about it was when a nice man knocked on my door to return them! 

Another of his finest was when one of the kitchen cupboard doors fell off. We called some men to come and fix it. The men were doing their thing and as normal Ascander was overseeing the project. The men could not get into the cupboard to knock the nail in so Ascander offered to help (snatched the hammer). He stood legs astride, and started to get a swing going. He swung the hammer back and forth between his legs picking up momentum, his final swing resulted in him smacking himself in the head with the hammer.

Once when we were moving house Ascander decided to put on a magic show. He took a solitaire peg from a game he had and stuck it up his nose......he then sniffed in FAST. One minute the peg was there and the next it was gone. 
We didn't move that day- spent the night in the hospital having the peg surgically removed!

On another occasion I must take the blame- Ascander had been playing in the pool most of the day and came in complaining of a bad tummy. I thought I would make him a hot extra bubbly bubble bath. He stepped in the bath, slipped on the bubble bath and SNAP! 

Next week he will start his driving lessons- I have taken him out a couple of times and he seems to be totally relaxed and in control. It only seems like yesterday that he was a tiny little thing, the little man whose first words were "How bizarre"  He's the one thing I've done right in this world. I love him more than anything.....I did a good job!

New Year- New Me!

New Year- New Me!

So here I am again making promises to myself for 2014. I've gained a little weight, my boss pointed this out to me on January 1st, I acted calm and refrained from kicking him in his Iraqi nuts....I know I've gained weight, I see myself in the shower everyday- I'm taking 15 tablets a day for craps sake. I know my thighs are rubbing together and my ass is bigger- I found that out trying to squeeze my ass into a pair of jeans. I did manage to get the jeans on and I kept them on all day and couldn't wait to get the damn things off.

My goals for 2014

To be more heart healthy

To walk 4kms a day

To get a new job- new beginnings and all that!

To blog at least three times a week

To turn my one of my Facebook groups, Ask a Teacher, into a website

Today I walked  3.50 kilometers in 44 minutes (that's twice round my local park.)

So this is what I thought I would look like walking in the park.
This is what I thought I looked like

This is what I look like
2014 is my year- only good things are going to happen to me. Inshallah!