Friday, 10 January 2014

So here we are!

So here we are a couple of weeks into 2014. My son has turned 18 and is now armed with his learners permit. He starts his driving lessons today....Yikes. Last night, about 11:30pm he decided to go out in the garden and "pimp" my car. He cleaned the inside of the car to within an inch of its life. He also cleaned his bedroom, moving all the furniture around....Will the real Ascander Hazza please stand up!

I went to see my cardiologists a couple of days ago, he too mentioned my weight, all men are horrible and should learn to keep their thoughts to themselves like my hubby does. He said I looked different and I told him I had highlights in my hair...He said I think you've gained weight. He was lucky I  didn't get up and kick him in his Egyptian nuts!
Next time I will kick harder!
He asked me to step on the scales- I told him I would rather not but he and the nurse frog marched me to the scales.
This is bullying!

I asked if I should get naked, well I did have a jumper and a cardigan on! He said I should only remove my boots. I stepped on the scales and there is was.... 72 kilograms..... I have have gone from 62 to 72 in a month. The scales must be broken right??
Seriously, the doctor looked at me like I needed a gastric bypass!
I said it must all be water, I mean I take like 20 tablets a day. He said NO! I argued and said that I' eat low fat, low sugar, low salt and low just about everything else. He asked me about potatoes.Of course I eat potatoes, I'm from the England- it's our national dish. He said carbs were off limits. That stupid dietician in Muscat Private didn't tell me that. she said spit out any food that tasted of salt! So here we are the start of 2014 and I am fat! I started my so called diet yesterday, lunch was salmon, asparagus and cherry tomatoes and two new potatoes (he said cut back, don't cut out). It was lovely.....and so was the crusty bread and three sliced of cake I had mid afternoon. OK, so I need to try harder.
Go on then. Just a small slice!