Sunday, 12 January 2014

and then there's them that know!

Recently I've come across some pretty negative people. People that talk too much about stuff they really know nothing about. There is a male teacher, lets just call him Robert, because that's his name. He's been in Oman for about 16 weeks. From day one he hated it, hated the heat, hated the food, hated his class, hated his office and hated just about everything he came across. Now many years ago he taught in Morocco. Now we all know how similar Morocco is to Oman.....NOT, and all he has done is compare. Last week at one of our weekly meetings he had a complete melt down and attacked the DoS because he has to do a weekly lesson plan, enter marks on excel and take attendance daily- total flip out. 40 odd teachers sat and watched as he went nutty. I have since found out that he is doing a runner at the end of the month. I wonder if he needs a ride to the airport!

Most complaints are pretty pissy that folks have, in my honest opinion, some of them are lucky to have a job in the first place. I've come across some teachers during my time in Oman that actually make me laugh. They come in with these fab ideas of how things are done back home and how some of the stuff we do would never go down back in "their" country. Well here's an idea.....GO HOME! Considering the development of Oman, just over 40 years, I'd say it ain't too bad. OK  so things are not perfect, but nor is it back in the UK or in the US. Some of us probably would not have a job back home.

Now Robert is only one of many-  there are many more that think Oman should be more accommodating to their needs. If only folks would remember- back home you would not be eating out most nights, getting drunk every weekend, driving a car and living the life you are now. Don't mock the rules of the country and discourage people from coming here because "they might get caught". You can only do that when you are not doing any wrong yourself. Don't bite the hand that feeds might end up being hungry!