Friday, 1 August 2014

Mistaken Identity of the worse kind!

Yesterday, my son and I drove over to Sohar to visit my friend Cathy. Feeling a little peckish at lunch time we drove  to McDonald's in Safer Mall. On the way to McD's  we had to walk by Costa coffee, and as I walked I noticed  a head of the most amazing PINK hair.......It's Donna, my Facebook friend from Muscat! I bounded over, as you do, and proceeded to hug and kiss her. I was so happy to see Donna. You see, I've never actually met Donna, she's just been my friend on Facebook for a few years. I asked how her trip was, she'd just been to Dubai for Eid, she said she'd just got back from Scotland....This is where the alarm bells started to ring.

Donna is from Australia and not Scotland. I backed away slowly, very slowly, saying that I needed to eat. I told my son to "move it" and "fast" he was as embarrassed as me  once I explained what I had done.

That poor woman, who I have since found out is named Sharon, must have thought I was a right nutter.

I have since made Facebook contact with Sharon, she's a member of a couple of my groups, and apologized for freaking her out in Costa Coffee. She'll recover from this ordeal one day, I hope! Not sure if I will!