Thursday, 27 November 2014


Here's a conversation I had with my husband, Abu Yemen, yesterday.

Him- What's for dinner?
Me- Frittata
Him- tittata?
Me- Frittata
Him- Parata?
Me - Eggs. We're having f *&^ing eggs.
See, this is why we can never be posh!

I've been nominated  to post five photos that make me happy.

Here goes!
Shinas College of technology poetry evening.

I love these girls!

Later that night Ascander's appendix burst and he was rushed to hospital :(

Cake. I love cake!

My world!

My first Toastmasters speech

I've recently joined Buraimi Hospitals Toastmaster club.

To start off my journey I had to give my first Icebreaker speech. I hate presenting at the best

 of times so my nerves were all over the place. I managed to make my audience laugh, and

 pass my first challenge. Oh and I was elected president of the club. 

Here is the speech I delivered.

Mr. Toastmaster- ladies and gentlemen

First, let me apologise for my nerves, I'm used to standing in front of twenty students, and judging from their quiz marks today they don’t seem to have understood much of what I've been saying for the past 6 weeks.
Anyway, I'm a teacher. Teaching is my passion- whether I am teaching a class grammar, police officers' communication skills, Omani teachers’ classroom management skills, teaching my son to drive OR teaching my husband to put the toilet seat down. I always seem to be teaching. I love teaching and I teach with passion and straight from the heart. I will elaborate on this in a bit.

Me, well my name is Joanne, Jo for short or you can call me Mr. Jo, my students do!  I’m T- minus 27, I’m from the UK. I’m married to Nadhem, he’s originally from Yemen, and we’ve been married for twenty one years. We married in the UAE back in the day when locals would walk down the street and say “oh look, a foreigner.” Now we walk down the streets of the UAE and say “Oh look, a local!”  We have a son, his name is Ascander, and I met my son for the first time this week when Omantel crashed. I forgot that he was living in the spare room. Anyway, he’s 18, and like all teenagers he knows everything there is to know about nothing.

So how did I end up in Oman? Well the family and I flew from Manchester airport and landed in Beijing, China. We had a stopover there for three years and we met some interesting people there.  I taught Chinese high school students. It was a nice humbling experience. From there our next stopover was Morocco; we stayed for a year before the last leg of our flight to Oman.  My first job in Oman was in Shinas. I love Shinas, and the people there. I can spot a Shinasian from a mile away, usually his is headdress is pulled halfway over his eyes. From Shinas I moved to Sohar University and from there to the University of Buraimi. I'm on my third year here.
I’m a perfectionist, and I have put my job before most things, on occasions my family and health have suffered. Last year I was invigilating a nursing exam and in the exam I had terrible acid, never have I had such an acid attack before. Ever the professional, I carried on with the exam and after it was over I went back to my office…..And had a heart attack. I ended up here in the emergency room in Buraimi hospital. I remember June 13th like it was yesterday. I remember the nurse telling me that she had to cut my bra off, and I remember shouting at her that it was a Marks and Spenser’s bra and that it cost me 26 rial. SNIP, she cut it in half. She was nice enough to put it in a bag and gave it back to me when I left the ICU. I also lost my favourite shoes here, yes, someone pinched my sandals so nurses here tonight, if you see me walking round looking at your feet, I’m still looking for them! I spent a few days here in the hospital before being transferred to Muscat hospital where the amazing Dr Mohammed Mukami worked his magic.
Tonight, I am taking no chances. You may have noticed that I have worn boots, as boots are much harder to remove without the wearer knowing. They may only be pull on boots, but, boots are so much harder to lose than sandals, I am teaching some of Oman’s bright stars. I never underestimate my students, well apart from Khalid, who had the verb to be nicely written on the inside of his hand today in the quiz, I do worry about Khalid! And I am proud to be teaching on my last leg of my flight. Thank you!