Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Elvis has entered the building.

Well, I've done it. I got myself a little pug called Elvis.

I adopted Elvis from a family in Muscat. We drove down last week to collect our new four-legged family member. There were no tears from the other family, think they were just happy to see Elvis going to a loving family. Elvis jumped up and kissed me from the minute I walked into the house- call it love at first sight.

We made the drive back to Buraimi with little Elvis sitting in the back-seat of the car, we made a couple of toilet stops on the way. 

Elvis has fallen in love with Ascander, he follows him everywhere and sits outside his door until it is opened and he can go inside.

Now I have two weeks to come up with a good enough story for my husband...He doesn't know we have a dog yet. Not sure  if the "It's a cat" will work.

I do. I do!

Monday, 30 March 2015

UOB March for His Majesty Sultan Qaboos

This morning the university took part in a march through the streets of Buraimi to welcome home His Majesty Sultan Qaboos.

We were sent an email yesterday informing us that we should be at the starting point at 7am, yes 7am. Normally I'm on my third cup of coffee at 7am, but for today I made the sacrifice and downed one cup. I don't have any sensible walking shoes so I pulled on my black boots and grabbed my selfie stick.

We all met at seven, well apart from the miserable old gits that didn't show up and went to work..... Only today was given as a day off but you had to be there to hear that...insert evil laugh!

The selfie stick was hit...who knew you had to turn the remote on to make it work? After a quick phone call home to the gadget kid we were all set. 

Kissing the camel 

Not on a first date!

Pukering up

Not doing very well at this selfie malarkey

 Today I faced my fears and looked a camel in the eye...the camel man told his camel to kiss me, and he did. He was cute, the camel not the camel man, but not sure I will be kissing one again any time soon.

School children joined in

and so did the camels 

The UOB sign

We had to walk behind our sign all the way down the road but I got a little tired and ended up walking with the school children.....they didn't seem to mind. :)

I really need to learn how to use this stick...my arms are in all of the photos

Nursing students

My old students- Love these guys

My absolute favourite student Sied. I know I shouldn't have a favourite...but I do!

I had to borrow a hat as it was getting just a little too hot for me

I was on a go slow here and getting left behind

My poor attempt at a horsey selfie...missed my head off the picture 

I didn't have to walk back to my car - Tom, (new name as I always mess his name up) one of my students gave me a ride back in his nice new Range Rover. He also chased me down halfway to hand me a bottle of water. I like Tom. :)

I'm glad I took part in this march today, even if I did had to get out of bed an hour earlier. To see everyone in one place celebrating one person is just amazing. The atmosphere was electric with the school children cheering and the Omani man playing the bagpipes.  People lined the streets that were not involved in this march and were waving and taking photos. One small town in Oman did their part in showing their love and respects to an amazing leader. Long live His Majesty.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Ed Sheeran comes to Muscat.....and so does the rain!

February 27th - Ed Sheeran in Muscat, Oman

Ascander with his entry band

Rocking the bin bags